Officiate yourself the Office 2007 Experience


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I read about MS Office 2007 a long time back, and was fervently waiting to work with this new release by Microsoft. It was not because I am obsessed with Microsoft like Google, but for the curiosity about the new Software Release.

They are providing a free online trial; you can follow this link and try yourself.

  • You need Admin rights (If you are trying this in office) since Citrix Plug-in will be installed, for accessing remote desktop
  • You need to register yourself there (either using Live Mail ID (Hotmail :) or any other Email ID) Then have a good time with the special effect masters’ great work

The new features which I found interestingwere the Office 2007 Button on the left top corner which is similar to start menu of MS Office, and he Menu based user interface is replaced with a Ribbon based interface (Shown below).

Still a multitude of enhancements like Collaboration using Microsoft Share point Server, are present, which I am still trying to figure out.You can also give a try.


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