A Special Movie - Taare Zameen Par

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I must thank my friend Niraj for sponsoring to this Movie. I did not know the value of this movie at that time but when I came out of the movie I could not bear the weight of the messages it delivered.
The movie has shown itself that Bollywood Film Industry have lot more to deliver other than the ever boring Love stories - Damsel in Distress and Knight in a Shining Armour- kind of movies. This movie is a wonderful Debut for Amir Khan's Direction.
I will not reveal the plot of the movie, since its a must for every one to watch this movie. But this movie had well crafted Screen Play which can touch any one emotionally. Without my consciousness i had a drop of tear at some instances of the movie.
This will be a good learning for Every Mother/Father/Teacher, as they shape tomorrow's pillars of India. So Don't Miss this master piece, a lot to learn , enjoy in this.

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When I read this post. I was in a confusion whether to laugh or cry, because most of the time I have been in this kind of embarrassing situation. :)