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Yesterday, after a very long time, I attended Toastmaster’s session. This session was really interesting, I enjoyed every moment there. This was a special session, each of us where provided with a jumble of 12 x 12 alphabets to find out the hidden words in 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes we need to speak for 2 minutes using the words we deciphered from the jumble. I found out around 5 words which were all fairy tale words like goblin, maple syrup, costumes, banking & World Series. I spoke about my own version of Harry Potter as the word Goblin reminded me of the Green Goblin who govern the Gringots Bank of World Series Harry Potter, well known for their weird costumes and maple syrup drinking habits (This is an one line game I played now: ).

This time I found Toastmasters very useful because of one reason. The first time I went with a mindset that Toastmasters club is also going to be yet another Rotaract. But this time my intentions were not like that, I really wanted to improve my communication skills. The expected was given at the right moment yesterday. This Toastmasters Club is yet another commendable initiative by TCS Maitree like Global Village.

I have joined the club today, though the membership cost was around two thousand for one year including my joining fee. I will get much more than that is my expectation. Money is not every thing, rightly pointed in this.


  1. Hi Hari..
    I am sure your communication skills will improve a lot through Toastmasters (as there is always scope for improvement no matter how good you are) but I hope you don't get more safety conscious.. if you are feeling clueless visit here

  2. hi never knew you had a know you are making this toastmaster sound wonderful..i was gonna go for it..but just dropped the plan..i missed it!! more have a good blog...


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