Save as PDF or XPS Office 2007 Download without Validation

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Almost a year and half before I wrote a review on the experience of Office 2007. But personal laptop gives you real experience in our day to day activities. I was searching for a way to install the Save as PDF or XPS plug-in to install in the office 2007. Because of the irritating compatibility issue with Office 2007 Word documents (.docx). My Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.0 is was not helping to convert my Word documents in this format. So I had to save the word document in the .doc format and then use the Create PDF option of Acrobat Pro.
The plug-in for this Save as PDF is available in Microsoft portal only to genuine office licence key holders. Don't ask me who I am :) I was searching for some direct download link finally BINGO.... I got the direct link for this download of this plug-in. Please click this link to download the plug-in. Enjoy now the inbuilt PDF save feature of Word 2007.

Scratchy Start after a couple of Years

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Of late, after a long break, I resumed one of my favorite hobby - Graphic Designing. Adobe Photoshop was one of the tools which revered the most during the 4 years of my period at Rotaract Club of Saibaba Colony. I was given opportunity in the club to test any kind of ideas I had, and in that way I started doing graphic designing for the club as a cost cutting exercise. It turned out to be a great hobby where in some instances I got paid for some huge banners which I designed for my friend's college festivals. For designing I always wanted a PC with a good Processor Speed and at least 512 MB RAM a couple of years of back. I did not have the hardware at that time and hence for every design I need to request someone's PC Hours, that is what I call for borrowing their PC for doing my work.
Today I own a laptop with a specification of  2.1Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and a 2 GB Ram. I never imagined I will own such a sophisticated hardware. Now at XL I got a couple of opportunities  to start with my hobby, so I did not want to leave now, I loaded my Laptop with Photoshop CS2 and started with some initial designs. Though my designs are very scratchy in some time it will improve. I am going to publish the designs which I will be doing here afterwards. For that I am using my Beautiful Rants Blog at Yahoo 360.
So to look at my recent designs click here.