Application Designing is The Fundamental but Crucial Task


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Once in my post I mentioned about Software Versioning, which is real need in Software Industry. Programming is only a first step, and we don't work in the stone age of programming where only one person programs the complete requirement.

Today collaborated programming is what in practices. We work as a team for developing a same requirement. To effectively maintain the programs written by different people version control systems like Clearcase , SourceSafe came into use.These configuration management tools came to make programmers life easier.

But every action has an opposite reaction; a new problem came up on integration of VCS usage with the programming. Whenever we make changes, it required a check-out and check-in. Since editors were not convenient to program where we are bound to make typographical errors on function names and syntax, then raised the IDEs and RCPs as the assistants with inbuilt dynamic help features, compilers and debuggers in it.

The IDEs also incorporated the features to use the VCS more effectively. Checkouts on touch of the file, Check-in on save and many more features to make our life simpler in programming, to concentrate only on logic. But there exists still configuration management problem in many places as head aches of the projects like the build break-up mentioned in this post.

I started of with this post, because of a discussion which I had sometime back on having database only for storing data, in which I felt the ease of use in IDEs had made them take some wrong design decisions. Allured by the new fancy frameworks we leave out designs. Frameworks and IDEs alone will not solve scalability and performance problems. Design of the application will solve that.

Frameworks helps in rendering a good application with a structured and organized code, but if a simple search page will take 3–4 minutes what good the framework does. Even unorganized codes give a better performance, which one would we choose. Since hard-coding is required in some places we make the code very complex instead of a simple code. So giving importance to a good design is very important and we should not get carried away with new up coming technologies. Looking for solutions which would suit our need is important, rather than making our Application change according to new technology or frame work.

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  1. its very true that designing is the crucial aspect of performance of the application..n i guess nobody thinks that the framework and ide solve the problem ..they are mere helping tools ..As far as upcoming technologies are considered they are always better than older one's correct..whts the problem in accepting them.


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