The Dog Tags of Software.

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When I was glancing the Jensen Harris Blog on maintaining version history in Microsoft for Softwares. I was really amused on the way they maintain the build number in the version name space. I checked my version of MS Office in its About Dialog box, which showed something like this 2003(11.5305.8107). In this '11' means 'Office 2003' is the 11th Version of MS Office and 5305 represent the Build number. The first two digits '53' is number of months from January 2000. (Jan 2000 is when Office 2003 development was started). The next two digits '05' represents the day of the month when it was built.i.e, my Office Pack was built on 5th June 2004. That was quite interesting, in deciphering a small piece of information.

But these kind of Dog tags are required in our software industry on every piece of code we do for maintainability. This is what we are struggling to do in our project where I am slogging.

Hope these kind of good name space is used in maintaining version history in our project too...though I don't have a control on it :)

The Ultimate Mind behind Googlers

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Why Google Rocks? , Why Google Rules? When I came across this interview of CNN with Larry Page, Co – founder of Google, I was really amazed. This person who always speaks about his Tesla Complex, that great minds some times are not recognized is a great admirer of Nicola Tesla. He has offered a variety of proposals to raise the profile of scientists in society.

One which fascinated me was

Solar energy installations in the Nevada desert were capable of producing 800 megawatts per square mile (2.5 square km), somewhat less than half the 2,000 megawatts of a nuclear power plant, he said. (A mid sized natural gas-powered plant generates around 400 or 500 megawatts)

That is innovation !!!

The cliché in the Vast Pool of News Channels

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The present state of all the news channels is quite disgusting. Since they are live 24X7 they are on a wild goose chase for news everywhere. This has brought to a state where there is no discrimination in showing what kind of information as Flash news. Yesterday when I just tuned on to one of the news channel I was literally irritated on this news, that Saif Ali Khan was hospitalized for some treatment, and there were some live telecast on this. There are a lot of things in this world which need some attention, and are need of the hour. They are lost in the celebrity mania and stardom. Hope! They will understand these one day.

Nostalgic Rotaract Days

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When I came across this site of Rotaract District Organization of 3200, it made me feel home sick. Those moments in Rotaract I would cherish forever in my life time. I learnt a score of good things from Rotaract which includes the Enthusiasm and the will to fight for what we aim with a strong commitment. When I was a secretary of the club every month I would run along with Rajesh for preparing the reports and posting it on time. Surabhi, this small tabloid which we published every month improved my vocabulary and also made me sit and think what to be provided. Since the tabloid was read by most of the known people, lots of efforts were required to make it colorful. The events like Illusions, Sahayam, Charme , Shades and lot more still resonates in my heart. The various district events, Rotasia, MDC and trainings all had a lesson to be learnt. I would suggest that every youngster who feel deprived of opportunities must join Rotaract. This is a very conducive platform to experiment and develop your Self Confidence. I miss all the Saicons!!!

A tyro in Blogging

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Some time back, when I read a book by Robin Sharma, I wanted to express my opinions about the book. At this time I came across various blogs, I planned to blog my opinions on things I stumble.As you know human mind is capricious, I was not able to continue posting just after my first post. Though now I have started with a zest in inking my thoughts.
Man is always in search of new inventions, and always want to sophisticate himself. When I read about this Feeling of Power and Last Question by Issac Asimov,I was made to think for a while.The gist is in the future - people forget how to do simple math and rely on calculators for it all. These two are short stories worth reading.

Post Gluttony Bon Homie :

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Glutton: (gluht-n):
To be ingenuously speaking, I have been a glutton in the past. But when I read agape about this article Seven Deadly Sins I repented for the same. I seek atonement from Christ. Glutton is derived from Latin root gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow. It is over-consumption of food or drink. I still remember the days I have been a glutton with my friends during my college days. Eating and drinking at will and wish, no slight control on what or how much we eat. You can refer with my photo in my old posts, when I was an active Rotaractor. Thinking of only projects and club and gulping whatever I get at the road side shops which keep their doors ajar in midnights, it was how I was. I could sense a lot of change in me after reading the article I came across in one of the blogs of my Dhronacharya in Oracle, Thomas Kyte, 22 Tips on Self Esteem. Do read this, may the light be shared.

The Equanimity of The Tatas

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Maintaining a habitual temperament throughout the Corus Bid, no boasting, no stunts but striking at the Right Moment. This supposed to be Ratan Tata’s moment of ultimate glory. The 69-year-old chairman of the Tata Group and his team had just pulled off an unprecedented victory of grand scale. Brazil-based CSN, with its consistent lead in the bidding war for what was once the famous British Steel, was widely expected to win European steel producer Corus. But Tata Steel pipped it at the post and at £6.2 billion ($12 billion), announced the biggest-ever cross-border deal by an Indian company. The new entity will be the fifth largest steel maker in the world with an annual output of about 23 million tonnes. That is indeed a Magnum Opus by Ratan Tata.

Laconic - An Intersting History

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Laconic :(lə-kŏn'ĭk) :

The study of the classics allows one to understand the history of the term laconic, which comes to us via Latin from Greek Lakōnikos. The English word is first recorded in 1583 with the sense “of or relating to Laconia( Former Name of Sparta) or its inhabitants.” Lakōnikos is derived from Lakōn, “a Laconian, a person from Lacedaemon,” the name for the region of Greece of which Sparta was the capital. The Spartans, noted for being warlike and disciplined, were also known for the brevity of their speech, and it is this quality that English writers still denote by the use of the adjective laconic, which is first found in this sense in 1589. When Philips of Mecedonia was Storming at the gates of Laconia, he sent a message to then Spartan King "If I Capture the City, I will burn it to ashes". He got a reply stating "If". Thats Laconic.