From Italian Pasta to Russian Salad!


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I have read about multi-cuisine food in many novels but for the first time I tasted it in Global Village ‘007 program organized by TCS Maitree. 42 people from 18 different countries took part in it. This was an initiative to bring the TCSers from different country under one roof.

Banyan Park is a workplace everyone will envy. I enjoyed its scenic beauty along with a cloud of bats present over there. The program was also colorful when people from China to Colombia danced for Doom & Daler Mehandi’s album.

Finally, the food served, baffled me on what to eat and how much to eat. I ate from French pastries to Brazilian chocolates & Italian Pastas. Candidly speaking I turned a glutton for that evening as I used to be.The only stall I did not go was the Indian food, since they served Pav Baaji & Dabeli was served there, which is very common in Mumbai.

The closing part of the program was a presentation on India, by the people from these countries. That showed their respect India, really moved me.

I came home with my heart and tummy filled. A commendable program by TCS.

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