Support me to educate a child as I bike Seattle to Portland for the third year

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Back again for the third year in succession. Biking, which came into my life out of necessity, became a passion for me. I have been into biking as a passion and a hobby for the last 6 years. Since 2013, with your support I have combined my passion for cycling with supporting a cause. Over the last 2 years with all your help, we sent more than 15 kids to school free of tuition fee for a full year through Isha Vidhya and Asha for Education initiatives. Educating a kid who is in need is like teaching someone to fish. A good education could transform the life of not just the kid but also that of his/her family. The impact is amplified more so because most of the children we support are first-generation school goers.

To continue with this effort, I will be attempting to ride from Seattle to Portland in a day (STP, 206 miles in a day) and also raise funds to educate kids in need through Asha for Education initiative. I look forward to your generous contribution to raise $5 for every mile of my ride, with a fund raising goal of $1000.

Every single dollar of donation from you shall go towards teaching under-privileged children in India. Needless to say, this shall also strengthen my resolve along every mile of this cycling expedition. As a gesture of my heartfelt appreciation, I promise to mark your names on a “gratitude poster” and wear it proudly as I cross the finish line.
If you are an employee of companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, (or a few others which are similar), your contribution could be even more valuable! Your employer has committed to match your donation dollar-to-dollar, typically above a fairly low threshold ($25) – thereby doubling the impact of your generosity! I will also match with 500 USD if we reach the goal whcih gets matched by Microsoft, thereby we end up having a triple match. 
Please support Asha for Education by contributing generously using the link on this page.
Looking forward to your support. Click the below Donate button to Contribute
Click the below Donate button to contribute.
Link to my profile page at Asha for Education : Hariharan Ragunathan