Passionate Dreams

There are many things I want to do in life, with the limited time that is available. I will keep adding things I want to do in life. This is like a bucket list, and I will keep adding , striking things as I make progress. This is a checklist I started from 2010 after my masters graduation. This page will be a work in progress always :)

Last updated this page : 12/26/18

Things I am yet to make it happen and will try to make it happen. I keep striking as I make progress

Skills Learning / Venture
  • Learn to play a percussion instrument well - Tabla / Mridangam - At-least a basic mastery level. (Have been working on improving in Mridangam since last year)  - Very basic level – Adi / Rupaka Talam. Lots to learn in this over the next decade
  • Become an expert in one area where I would be truly passionate about
  • Write a book someday
  • Build expertise in finance
  • Knowledge on personal finance and investing
  • Become a break through communicator
  • Start a venture that has real impact peoples lives
  • Learn a new language - either Mandarin , French or Spanish
  • Read a book every month
  • Post regularly on the blog
  • Get into a career where I am genuinely passionate about and would make a change
  • Get a PhD and one professional degree
  • To drive a car comfortably  - got my licence and started to drive in 2011
  • To make beautiful designs - I am still learning, but have made some good progress learnt in 2012
  • Technology : Have been on and off, in 2016 I moved to a full time role as a Product manager. Love being in this area.
Financial Freedom
  • Become financially free before 40 years
  • Retire early with financial freedom
  • Have a solid passive income source before 35
  • Get a house for my mother : 2016,2018
  • Visit all the seven continents
  • Euro Trip
  • Visit all the 50 states in the US  - I have just visited 8 states so far
  • Scale the Everest base camp
  • Tour De France - bike in one of the routes
  • Leh Ladak cycle up to Khardungla
  • Some of the places not to miss - Florence, Vatican city, Rome, Himalayas
  • Tour and live in China - experience China where the next revolution is
  • Visit a country outside of India and work there - I moved to US in 2013
  • Visit the cliched places - Liberty Statue, Grand Canyon, Time Square and White house - 2012/ 2013
Sports / Fitness/ Health
  • Do an open water long distance swim in the ocean (Aug '14) I did the first Open water swim crossing Lake Washington, still not an ocean :)
  • Learn to flip while swimming laps
  • Lean to do a perfect dive
  • Do a self supported deep sea diving - Become a scuba master diver
  • Fitness - Bring the body fat to single digit once at least in lifetime
  • Complete one of the 4 deserts run
  • Complete an Iron Man
  • Lose weight and continue to build an active life - I have been on and off on this since 2010
  • Learn to do freestyle swim for a lap  - Learnt this from Matt in 2010, now I can swim 3-4 miles
  • Try long distance cycling - started in Hyderabad bicycling club, I can do quite a distance
  • Complete a 5K run  - Did this first in Seattle 2010
  • Complete a 10K run  - My first 10k Hyderabad 10K in 2011
  • Compelete a Half Marathon  - My first Bangalore midnight half marathon 2010
  • Complete Mumbai Marathon  - Completed Mumbai half marathon in 2012 (No plans of full marathon)
  • Learn to cycle with cleats - 2014, while practicing for STP
  • Complete a credible long distance cycling event - Completed STP 2014 , Seattle to Portland 204 miles / 328 Km cycling over 18 hours.
  • Make impact on at least 1-2 people who are really in need
  • Causes I support : Life Transforming Education ; Financial Literacy & Inclusion
I will keep adding as I get new things. Below are some reminders and my values
  • Stay genuinely interested in people
  • Stay humble
  • True and honest to my own conscience
  • Live with gratitude
  • Stay passionate and keep learning new things everyday. 
  • Positive , Curious & Enthusiastic about life
If you read till here, please wish me I do realize the dreams above :)


  1. Wishing that you do indeed realize all your dreams and aspirations above Hari :)!

  2. Wishing you all the success and happiness in life Hari...You are one of the very few genuine and honest people I have come across and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors


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