More than 2.2 million%

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I was shocked seeing that number. It is the Inflation rate of Zimbabwe - HYPERINFLATION. The Fortune magazine reports as below.
“If purchased on the newsstand in Zimbabwe, the issue of Fortune you're holding would have cost you 270,543,825,555 Zimbabwean dollars.”
You need to carry cash in cartloads to buy simple goods like eggs and bread to the nearest departmental store where the store owner can only weigh the currency notes to deliver you the goods. He has no time to count those notes, even the IT system are struggling to handle the bank transactions which are giving a data overflow error. Of course the programmers would have never imagined the basic withdrawal transaction of an Automated Teller machines would ever be of billions of Zimbabwe dollars.
Parade magazine ranked Robert Mygabe the dictator of Zimbabwe one among the worst 10 dictators of the world. Of course this year he is going to top the list, in transforming a country, which introduced Zimbabwe dollars in the 1980s, at a conversion rate 1Z$ = 1.47USD. The transformation has been a collapse of a country, and I have seen these many days Zimbabwe for Cricket and never seen this worst governance in the country.
Worth of a 100 Billion  Carry Bag for Cash Currency does not give a good livingHe is going for purchase of GroceriesInflation Rate
ZWD-EUR_2008 (1)
These photos and graphs are relatively skewed too much in this country in the recent years.
The fate of the people here is a Big Question.
The Economic Imbalance of the world was very much shown in this, may be after this term if I am well equipped in Macro Economic theory I would really do a detailed analysis on the complete background of this.

A Change in Look and Feel

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Almost after a year, I finally found a way to alter my blog template. This fluid template is quite spacious and I decided to stick with this. This requires some changes in the colors which I need to really work on the CSS, which I am bit scratchy. I am just learning the rope, would do that also soon.

Being a Part of It

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My friend wrote a post some time back, which I happened to look back at it again today. I wanted to mention it here, because its a good read, if you happened to understand the intended pun related to a small group of B School guys.

Google Enters - A new area not thought of

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After my review on lively, I thought Google is exploring the User friendly Chat Rooms and other web experiences possible in web 2.0. It was an unlikely that Google will launch a browser which I have never thought of. Of course, that is why they are market leaders now. I am happy in one way that somehow at 00.30 hrs I was wide awake and waiting for Google to launch its open source browser – Chrome, and write a review of the same. I cannot review completely as of now, because of my end term exams. But I would keep updating this post as I use.
The client looks very thin, as such not consuming much memory. As usual, the browser is very simple - No menu bars, title bars and tool bars. It is tab based browser and the Google Suggest is embedded in the Address bar. I could try only these as of now, till that time you keep trying and post your comments.

Update: 1.00 Hrs
You have a new incognito window in the browser. It says “Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however.” But cannot save from “People standing behind you” :)
And each tab is a separate process, hence managed separately in task manager.

One sudden thought : Some similarity in colors getting closer Google Vs Windows.

Still it Thrives

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This is life without a safety net-Thrilling and Dangerous.
Misjudgments are punished ruthlessly.
When competition gets tougher, small business feel it first.
Financing is hard to find, sometimes impossible.
Regulatory costs hurt more in companies with less fat -One Reason, Growth is slow.
Owners lie awake at night worrying…. Yet Entrepreneurial Sector THRIVES…
-Charles Burk (Fortune Magazine)