A decade, which went fast

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10 years back I posted about the year book that never came when I left XLRI. Can't believe that I had spent the next decade with Microsoft. I did take up different kind of opportunities across the company starting with HR later into engineering, joining in Hyderabad and later moving to Seattle, different managers , clients and challenges. But honestly one thing that has remained same - is my love for this company. Even now my friends mock at some of the failures of what this company made. But who has not grown without making mistakes. That makes it human. I believed in this company when its stock price would never move few dollars up for years. But the last 5 years has been a tremendous transformation for the company and also for me.  Below is the nice note in the form of Kudoboard I received from my colleagues at Microsoft on my 10th year anniversary with the company. Memorable note and reminded me of the great moments of learning.  Thanks to my dear friends for such nice words. I learnt a lot from each of you during this journey that helped me grow and develop to what I am today.