Divide and Rule

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Divide and Rule is a greatest strength of Structured Programming. This video is a best analogy for Divide and Rule. The greatest strength can simultaneously become the greatest weakness, as the video content explains. Its upto each individual to take the right decision.

PS : This video could be understood only by people from South India, especially Tamil Nadu.
One because of the language , the other , it deals with Tamil Nadu politics.

Reliance ADA IPO Pvt. Ltd

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This news , Reliance Entertainment plans IPO, really made me feel irritated. Just a week before Reliance Infratel has filed their DRHP, even SEBI has not yet started to review the DRHP this news is hitting the market. I am frustrated with the way they are trying to loot money from the public. It does not looks like capital generation for a company but for an Individual. Reliance Power IPO is still a big question for Reliance Energy Investors. This is the first time SEBI has given approval for a company to raise huge capital for a company with ZERO revenues. Reliance Power is expected to reach the valuations given by promoters by 2016. Stil the name Reliance made investors crazy and that resulted in huge subscription. Only people can answer to these when this IPO is listed. I must honestly say what RNRL valuations at present are upto. This post is a must read for any one, I laughed at it for a long time. A lot more IPOs are expected from the Reliance ADAG IPO Company, I think thats the Business of the company :)

Maitree - A Helping Hand

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Last Saturday I had a chance to be a part of the Annual Volunteers Meet of TCS Maitree. I must give a true confession here, I am with this Company for the last 21 months but only on this day I had a real picture of this social service wing. Started on Feb 23 2002, in this 6 years, this initiative of Mrs. Mala Ramadorai has gone miles deep in embracing the society in every possible way.

I must list down some of the important initiatives by Maitree for the society and for the associates of the organisation.

  • Women Empowerment Programme at Wazapur to make them self dependent
  • Panvel Village Devlopment Programme
  • Peer Education to protect against HIV AIDS
  • Sion School Initiative to train the hindi medium children in Conversational English
  • Colaba Fishermen community children intiative to groom them
  • Sion Junior College Initiative to train them for Entrance exams for higher studies

Other Initiatives/Clubs for associates are the following. I really don't know how many associates are aware of this.

  • Music Club
  • Trek Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Toastmasters Club - I have already posted about this a lot.

Overall the Volunteers meet was refreshing for me it reminded me of my Rotaract Days. Surrounded by bubbling volunteers and I felt like I am back in a Rotaract event. The main objective of this annual meeting was to discuss on the various problems faced by these initiatives and to arrive at solutions to those problems. Every associate must try to contribute to Maitree, inturn he contributes for the betterment of Society and Self.