A One stop place for all NRIs

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Few of my friends in US have come up with a website, similar to internet directory, with links very relevant for any Non Resident Indians.They call it as an online guide to NRIs across the world.

According to NRISpot.com

Top 10 reasons to use the site.
1. When you want get a snapshot of what’s happening in India in a single page - news, business, sports, stock exchange, currency rates, gold price.

2. When you want to find popular sites to read Indian news, Cinema News, Blogs and Cricket Scores.

3. When you are looking to send money to India, and want to compare exchange rates provided by the different Banks or Service Providers.

4. When you want to find the best sites to  listen to Indian music.

5. When you want to know the best sites to print and mail photos to India for less than $3.

6. When you are looking for a site that offers information on grocery stores or temples or restaurants in your US city.

7. When you want to find out the best sites to book tickets (flight, bus, train, hotels etc) in India (or to India).image

8. When you want to find out the best sites for Indian Classifieds is the US or in India.

9. When you want to find out the best sites for Indian Recipes.

10. And rather simply, if you want to know what types of websites, products and services are available to NRIs!

According to me, the five important things I liked are..

1. Easy navigation to links

2. Home page with very often checked Facts (Sensex, Exchange rates etc.)

3. Content Related to Indians

4. Useful links related to day to day activities ( Bill Pay, Shopping ,Matrimony etc.)

5. Some offers to regular visitors (A recent offer is sending photo prints free to India)

With the increase in the number of NRIs and also our reliance with internet, this site would be a readymade guide for day to day activities.If this site could scale up by providing a platform for NRIs to interact among themselves within the site in addition to the static links, then this site would be a home page of all NRIs.

2 Sets Down and Still

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Federer was down with two sets today at French open fourth round against Tommy Haas. Third Round it was 4-4 and suddenly my Hero rose to the occasion by giving a deathly blow. 6-4 followed by a bagel 6-0 and a 6-2 to uproot the opponent. This scene would give lot of confidence for any Federer fan. I am boosted with Confidence today.

I am just Hoping Federer would achieve the most expected win at the French Open this Sunday.