Missed the Obvious


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Learning with passion is what I wanted to do. In the past ten months in programming with SQL and PL/SQL, I spend sometime always for AskTom, Steven Feuerstein's Oracle PL/SQL programmming, Oracle-Base by Tim and other Oracle Ace Blogs.

Last week I came across this post by Tim in his oracle-base blog. I realized many things on that when yesterday i was trying an Insert statement in oracle for inserting in more than one table. When i Googled my requirement of inserting in more than one table, the Oracle Documentation just banged in right front of me as topmost search result. The multi-table insert where lucidly explained in the documentation. Though I always like reading out for many advance concepts in oracle it was something very basic which I have missed, which was given right in the first page.

Now My Commandment is : "Thou shall not miss reading the Oracle Documentation"


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