Programming / Coding Conundrum


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From the day I entered into this software industry the notion of Programming / Coding was quite dubious. We call the act of writing a program in any computer language as Coding during my college days.Coding was simply a miscegenation of Logic with syntax of a computer language. But now in this software space its quite different they say the act of writing a program is Programming and not as coding. Its only a part of a bigger life cycle. There are more important things than programming.

With this doubt in mind when I was peeking for more information to clarify my doubt, I stumbled on many good things. This piece of information on Why Programmers can't Programmers...Program made me bemused. That made me to reevaluate my skills. There was also one more thought which hit my brain, whether the skills of programmers are made blunt by the type of work which is provided by most of the so-called software servicing companies or they really lack the skills. My personal finding is that not all those who have ambition of great programmers are not actually utilized in programming though they enter software industry. Because most of them do the famous Cntl+C & Cntl+V, as i found in the rantings of a software professional about making crap code worse.

I am still in deep thought, whether I am in right place where I expected to be doing some real programming or this is what the real programming is.

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