Barking Syndrome


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My good friend Gopal sent me a manuscript of his recent speech ,which he delivered in his Corporate club.The Speech was well planned, filled with proper analogies and also motivating.Certain points in the speech were really Captivating.

One thing was the Barking & Appreciation Syndrome. The Barking Syndrome is what we face most of the time in IT industry from immediate superior. It could be due to stringent deadlines or compliance or anything no matter what it is. The alternative appreciation syndrome which he suggested was a valid point to be taken home.

And about one of the analogy he used, Kamsa & Krishna made me really laugh for some time. My question was simply this, After hearing the prophecy that Devaki and Vasudeva's baby is going to kill him, then why did he put them in the same cell :)

Most of the time people dig their grave themselves.


  1. The web is a strange place. I reached your blog thru "Debate to Learn, Learn to debate" blog post on some another blog.

    In this post, you are wondering, "why did he put them in the same cell?"
    Above link states that Vasudev agreed to hand over each baby on birth to Kans.

    Kans did not think, the way you are thinking. It is not something to be laughed upon. We too do one or the other stupid acts.

    And, to be more mythical, who could stop Krishna from taking an avatar? Would it require Vasudev and Devaki to be in the same cell?

    Just my opinion :)

  2. Hariharan RagunathanMar 27, 2007, 4:18:00 PM

    Hi Kalpesh,
    Thanks for the link you provided...It provided lot of inputs on Hindu Mythology...


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