Power of Association


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The Association technique for memorising is phenomenal. This is one of the best techniques for memorising any thing under the sun. Associating unknown with the know things in a creative way.
When I heard two people discussing on the usage of two sentences " Power went off / Current went off". Immediately a spark in my mind which reminded me of the relation between Current and Power.

Power = Voltage X Current

I am still able to remember this without any confusion, only because of the associated learning I did in my school days. It was Power = Very Important. I could quote many things which we learn by association with some easy known things in a creative way. This is method must be taught to all the children from their elementary school, which will really help them to memorise things easily, quickly and hold on to it forever in their life. This also will improve creativity amog the children. Even now we can use the same method in memorising the names of different people.
Though the amount of information stored in the hard disks of different servers all over the world cannot be memorised, but some essential information which are often missed out required in building successful relationships like name and bithdays can be memorised and recalled with this association technique. Just associate the name of a person with some creative picture in your mind for 5 seconds, Thats it...You will remember forever :)


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