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This has nothing to do about the crazy but witty Digg.com. I religiously read Seth Godin's Blog, after I was allured so much on his Permission Marketing. His recent post on Digging it out of the ground about a grouping on the Fortune 100 Companies left me in deep contemplation.

The Market Capitalization of Indian ITES and other BPO based companies will blow away many of the Indian Manufacturing Companies.Though, there are many Indian Companies devouring with huge deals like the Tata-Corus, Novalis-Hindalco, Mittal-Arcelor, all fall in one category the Product Manufacturing sector. Is this happening because there is a real need in consolidation in these sector or to withstand to the drastic shift towards the service oriented industry.

Any way expecting a Financialy Robust India in Future. For now, hope the Finance Ministry will first take some stringent steps to curtail the rampant inflation.


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