Biking and Running and time for Self - reflection


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During my three month stay in Seattle, I really had improved in swimming. All thanks to Matt, my HR Director who trained me to improve my breathing in water. I almost had a 3 month continuous practice of swimming in one of the best indoor pools I have seen so far. It was called the Pro sports club which had 3 indoor heated 25 yards pools. I was tracking my time taken for doing a 100 yard lap, which I started with a 2.45 minutes when I reached Seattle in August. Before leaving to India I could take a minute off from the timing. I could do the 100 yards in 1.45 minutes. That was the improvement I could see in the 3 months of training and retraining. But what I also improved was my stamina, I could do a 3KM of swimming. Which I could never ever done before my regular training.

The best thing which I enjoyed during my swimming trainings was the amount of time I get everyday to reflect upon my various activities at work and other than work. I felt it was a time for myself to prepare, plan and pursue on my personal development plan. Later I started to increase my mileage by lot of biking and running at Seattle. These two are something which I am doing very dedicatedly even after coming India.

In the past till I was in my engineering I had very little or no time for reflection. But later I found the best things happened in life were because of the time I spent consciously on reflecting upon my actions and thoughts periodically. This could be a weekly or monthly. But the time spent on self-reflection or you can call it as introspection is an investment for your personal improvement. It has brought in lot of change in me and it would be the same for anyone who can put in the time periodically in reflection. This is one of the reason I do not want to miss out my Triathlon practice everyday – either running, swimming or biking.

Anyway I would be running the Bangalore Midnight Marathon on 11th Dec @ 0000hrs. This would be my first half marathon, you can cheer me up by sending your wishes as comments or email. Which would motivate me to practice regularly in the last few weeks and complete the half marathon next month.

More updates about my Half marathon and especially my long biking expeditions recently coming soon Smile Now I need to catch up some work.

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