The year that was : 2010


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As I reflect about the last one year - 2010, the amount of changes that has happened were not just a few. So wanted to list some of the great things that had happened in this year for which I must thank many people who helped pass through this journey.

The year 2010, started with the final term of my post graduate program in XLRI but a great term in terms of learning important things for my life. Got some of the great friends in this place and getting a gold medal made the last term very eventful though there was a heartbreak in my previous term. My mother had her day in my convocation, it was one of her long waited sight which I keep hearing from my school days - Finally she was happy that at least once I could get her the sight of getting a medal.  Left XL with a good number of friends who had helped me pass out this place successfully and also a few I was not interested to meet ever in my life. But saying that I do not have any grudges against any of them all forgotten now, all helped me in my learning.

Joined Microsoft in March, started the journey of work for second time. Great team at my work made the remaining part of the year very memorable. I finally shifted my home from Coimbatore this year. Yes, after 44 years of living in Coimbatore, my mother had to shift with me to Hyderabad. This was one big change she herself never expected.

After about 4 months of working in Hyderabad in couple of roles, got an opportunity to work in Redmond for 3 months. End of July, I flew to Seattle. Made new friends in this place and first time ever in my life I started running. All thanks to my coach and my super boss, Matt who coached me in swimming and inspired me with his Iron Man participation. I started swimming regularly and knocked of a minute from my timing log for a 100 yard swimming. Cycling a 100 mile, completing two 5Ks and swimming a 2.5K were some things I would consider as sincere efforts in my training when I was in Seattle. Also learnt a bit of cooking during this time and tried some different cuisines like Lebanese, Ethiopian, Mexican, Thai... Left Seattle gaining a good fitness and determination to run more when I get back to India.

After coming back to India, traveled further for some recruitment trips. This year I had visited all metros in India. Took a vacation with my Mom and visited Taj. The beautiful sight of Taj Mahal is still in my eyes, early morning run at Agra around Taj and entered the place at 6.00 AM. I would rate the sight of Taj early morning as one of the best time to see it. Went around Agra, Mathura and Shikri with Mom. And by the way during this I have also added another few sites to my journey to complete visiting the 28 UNESCO heritage sites in India. I have so far visited 12 of the 28 sites, and in 2011 I hope to add a few more to this.

Learnt some new things in this year - finally I can drive a car now and got my driving licence. I can read Telugu slowly like a first standard kid, I am at this stage only now. I completed my first half marathon in Bangalore with my best friend. Though both of us struggled, since we were running a half marathon in midnight after a long day walking around the city.  The year closed in Mumbai, with my XL friends.

I hope this new year, 2011 would also be a very eventful journey. Lots to learn new and I continue to change for the good..Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011 for all.

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  1. Visiting the total UNESCO Heritage sites in INDIA is one of my interests, my score is 4 so far (i.e., all sites from Maharashtra).
    Happy New Year to you. Enjoy ur time in Hyderabad.
    Best Regards


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