Another Knock in the Top Management of Microsoft


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Another big head in the company is going to leave, came the announcement today. The Chief Software Architect position is something which I valued so much for the people like Nathan Myhrvold and Bill Gates occupied it. Ray Ozzie , who had been an Independent Software Vendor for a long time with Microsoft, came into the company when Groove Corp. was acquired. The Groove is one tool I absolutely love it for the ease of collaborating with team and share documents seamlessly.  BTW Groove is now part of MS Office suite if you are not aware of it. It is called Microsoft Groove in Office 2007 and as Microsoft SharePoint Workspace in Office 2010.

So Today the news came Ray Ozzie is going to leave the Company. This is just not the one thing in the company this year. Here goes the bleeding list of Top guys who has left the company now – Robert Bach, President of Entertainment & Devices(House of Xbox, Zune etc.) who would be leaving soon, Steven Elop, President of Microsoft Business Division (House of Office Suite), James Allard, Chief Experience Officer of Entertainment & Devices Division, Rebecca Norlander, Partner Engineering Manager for AdCenter platform( James Allard’s better half), The list is not complete if I miss some of the technical fellows and distinguished engineers who are the pillars of the company, but left Microsoft for good. Gary Flake, Brad Lovering are some of the TFs who are leaving the company.

As Mini-Microsoft, this is like seriously a Boom-Boom-Boom time for the company to prove that we are still going strong and back on growth. Kevin Turner said the company is back on growth with strong growth in revenues because of Windows 7. I hope Windows Phone 7 and Kinect proves to be successful like Windows 7 to prove the market wrong and against the Goldman Sachs downgrading recently


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