Ride to Golconda


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Last October I wrote about my cycling trip to Chandil. I recently purchased a new bike – my Shwin Sporterra. So after a long break I went for a long trip to Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. When I started the trip I never had not planned for this trail. But as I started to ride I found a new trail which was simply amazing, It was through the Nehru Ring road (Samshabad Airport Bypass) and via the Scenic India Army Artillery centre. Then came to know that this leads to Golconda.

When I reached the Moti Darwaza in Golconda, I felt great in finding a new trail. The total distance covered was 62 KM up and down and you can find the route map here. The total time taken was about 3 hours. I would recommended this trail for all amateur bike enthusiasts.

Post the ride went for Manirathnam’s Raavan. I read a lot of scathing reviews about the movie. But I enjoyed the beautiful cinematography. Loved every place shown in the movie, wanted to explore such places- reminded me of my trekking experience @ Chalakudy during my Rotaract days and North East trip post XL. AR Rahman was again magical in his tunes. For me this movie was definitely worth watching in the Big screen.


  1. You cycled 64 kilometres to and fro? Wow!

  2. Hi Hari,

    I had fun going through the excerpts of your travels, I being an enthusiast myself. I have a teeny weeny correction for u if u don't mind: spelling of trial should be changed to 'trail'. Hope you agree?



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