My Mom’s advice and way of living


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I am on a business visit to USA. This is my first visit to the west and I have heard a lot about life in US from various people, books, movies etc. All I could say after seeing things here in the last 3 weeks – to have a peaceful life still my Mom’s words remain the same. Irrespective of the place – Live a simple life.

In Subramoney, PV Subramanian has quoted almost most of the things I had followed and felt the real pleasure in doing so – a simple life. You Must definitely read the post.


  1. simple life..isn't that every(rational) person's pursuit..yet i find 'open for experience' attitude brings more joy and cost you pay for that joy it does complicates your mind, as intend to move away from standard linear thinking of one culture/lifestyle to more openness to 'the other'.. simplest can be achieved 2ways: igorance- unable to think or unlearning- choosing not to think always.. later is my preferred option..

  2. A great song was written and sung by L_S along these lines.

    Find it - it still gets me whenever I listent to it.

  3. hi we seem to be somewhat connected...yes I have written simple life etc. My hobbies include running, cycling and little bit of swimming. I have a trek 3700 - and comfortably do 50-70km a day....have run 8 half marathons...but i guess am much older than u...i am 1962 born..


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