The Yearbook that never came


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In XL we were planning to print an Year Book for our batch. It would contain the profile of every batch mate along with few testimonials from their dear friends. But due to lack of time / some mishap we could not print it. I still hope one day by surprise I would receive the Year Book.

But everyone of us received the testimonials from our friends by mail before it was planned to be published for approval.  Over the last weekend I stumbled on those testimonials which I received from my dear friends in XL. As a memory I thought of publishing those in this blog which I have been using it as my Personal Diary. The below in no particular order are some testimonials written to me, I have added those in this post in the way I read them on last Sunday. (I have also added link to their facebook page as a hyperlink over their names.)

One of my first friends on campus. Obsessive about attending classes and grades, he is also extremely emotional. More Tam than MGR, In XL, has graduated from an ATM to a Brit! Totally a techie, and totally unfit for HR, he somehow managed to combine the best of both worlds and get into MS! Half my grades are because he was there in my project group! Unofficial CR of every class..Will remember the chat sessions outside Bisuda with him and the other idiot! Im sure that he will go on to bag many more gold medals in life. - Reju Mathew.

He has been an inspiration to me. The topper in the batch, this guy has shown me what single minded focus and dedication can achieve. He has attended 849/850 classes in XLRI a feat which is even better than topping the college. A computer geek, I still feel he has chosen the wrong field.  A tamil movie freak, he watches every single tamil movie that releases.  He has been a great companion of mine over the last 2 years. Microsoft is lucky to have picked a person as good as himSrinath

One of the most systematic and passionate person I have seen on XL campus. I learned from you – about how to follow your dream.  I will miss the devotional music that you used to play each morning.. Inspiration to keep my room clean. I hope you will recruit one day successor for Bill Gates. Very clear in thought process and Thanks a lot for helping me in building my self confidence. I m jealous of your hard work and persistence. Hoping that god will give 50% of that to me. Topper - Gold medalist- I m proud of you !! (I hope you will learn not speak in Tamil in front of people who don’t know Tamil  especially me ) (And special request for you to keep me technologically updated )Gaurav Marathe

The star of XLRI, in his own way. Lives life by his own rules. Academics. Attendance. Classes. Elective-choosing algorithms :D. Drive. Passion. Ambition. Modesty. Caring and concerned. Forthright. Responsible. Hard-working. Tendency to FRAX only on things he’s not too keen about. The Tamil face of FLIX. The shy smile. The righteous anger against certain things. Balanced opinions. Trusted TAXI mate. IT Whiz. My technology trouble-shooter and guru. My CV Formatter. Ever willing to help. The long discussions at night. A kind ear when distressed. Kind words when depressed. Rock-solid support. Mentor. Confidante. Counselor. Comfort. The room I go to when I need anything, just anything. - Krishnan S

Mr.Microsoft! An absolutely down-to-earth, simple, no pretentions guy! Macha, one sweet-smile you flash off and some 100 girls wil fall :) From the late night chat up, to the chettinad food to the Malaysia discussions, its been great knowing you! Hope to see you at Hyderabad soon, and have loads of masti! :) – Swapna Kumshi

A work ethic that will put a programmed computer to shame, this guy has one of the most prolific attendance records in the history of XL, 849/850 classes!! One of the most focussed guys I have seen around, this Coimbatore lad has redefined perfection at academics.... Sure to win the top honours this year, he is one guy who swears by technology.... My saviour when it comes to IT issues and a very good friend... I will remember the time we spent holidaying in Malaysia, the late night chit chats and the concept of FREE money.... He is sure to take himself to greater heights. – Tushar Walwadikar

First met him in the train while coming to XL, he struck me as a music lover (with iPod being his constant companion) and  one prefers to be silent. Was right on the first but never thought Hari would turn out to be the colossus of the character that became in XL. An out rightly brilliant guy, extremely hardworking, his determination to overcome the odds is inhuman. A rare Rank 1 who is happy to help even his core competitors and fellow students with acads, he has struck his mark in most fields in XL- Flix, website, sigma,acads etc. Personally, our friendship is an enigma in the sense, he is one guy whom I have rarely withold my frank opinion from, yet I have also lost count of the no of times we have fought; yet the bond has always been good enough to weather the storm. He has helped me personally on innumerable times and made my stay here bearable in tough times. The 'Looti' that we have done with TAXI gang over 2 years seems too good to have happened today. Thank You, Machan for the memories and hope the same continues in future too. "#$*&% NADUNGUDU'..haaa haa an unforgettable quote of urs – Ramasswamy

The only guy in my class to whom I can lose my Rank 1 and still be happy. Macchi I was never able to bring myself to compete with a gem like u. The only thing which I can say about you is you are the guy whom a mother wants to be her son, whom a woman wants to be her husband, whom a sister wants to be her brother. Macchi I enjoyed the time we Big Three spent together. Hope that we will stay that way. –Lenin Mandalapu

Dei Macha to be frank I am not getting any words to pen our two years interaction at XL. How can I put in words the warmth, the care and the confidence you have given me during the times of need ? How can I explain the generosity with which you lend your helping hand at various points of time ?
Hari is a person who sets example for others ! A deadly combination of determination, hardwork, intelligence, courage and most impoortantlyhis way of mixing with all kinds of people. -
Krishna Chaitanya P

Vision: Microsoft Mission: Microsoft Keywords: Microsoft PPO. Socrates, CRISP, 'Anything remotely related to computers', Tamil, movies, Gold Medallist, Travel Major Achievement: Attended 849/850 classes at XL. Hari is the 'stud' of the PMIR Batch, the most sincere student here. A tech geek, he is the one stop solution for PPTs and laptop repairs (a tag which he hates). A great advisor, he is one who I approach for advice. A perfectionist, if he decides to work on something, he gives his 100% (Rem: The kakani assignments). In short, he will go places. - Vineeth Ravichandran

One of the few people I have sought to emulate, Hari is one of the most adorable friends I have. A combination of smarts, hardwork and perseverance, he is also the one stop shop for the neatest and the most comprehensive notes in class. His technical expertise, his humility, his warmth and his personable nature are traits he is known for. A patron of all things Google and Tamil, he has been promoting the subject of economics for a while now. Famous as the guy who missed just one class in the entire two years, one can only admire his love for lectures and exams.  Hari exhibits a quiet resilience and confidence, a quality for which I admire him most of all. - Veena Narasimhan

I initially felt that Hari is your stereotypical tam, really awesome in studies and very simple in his tastes. I was wrong; he is one mean poser, his pictures bear testimony to that, he is one big stud boy, his clothing sense will prove that summarily and he has a sleek style for attracting the fairer gender, refer to the million walks he takes every day in and around the golden jubilee park. He is very hardworking (that’s a given) but he is the biggest FRAXER on campus too (testimony from everyone who has worked with him in a team). I could relate to him incessantly, thanks to his religious habits and his simplicity (which of course is a veil to his party animal interior). I expect him to do nice in life and wish him all the best for the same. cheers – Siddharth Chatterjee

Everyone should once have a look at his “before & after” picture to understand how determined a person he is :) He is a very simple, funny, down to earth guy who is really easy to get along with! A person who does both sit through & audit courses I really have no choice left but to call him a ghissu! But this also shows his insatiable thirst for knowledge & also not shying away vasooling paisa ;) Overall a very smart guy who will definitely make is big one day! - Priya Geddi

Topper of the batch,Mulitalented, versatile and  sunny – Hari is quite the catch. His intelligence and dedication are legendary, With his expertise, Microsoft is sure to rejoice and make merry! On technology and computers, He is all knowing, He helps one and all and during holidays,  his beard he likes growing!! - Garima Bawa

Last But not least my dearest room mate could not write his testimonial for me : But wrote a Long mail to me. That I would always cherish though it was not an intended testimonial only for me.  “The saddest part about a failure is that the person realises only later that he was just one step away from success when he gave up... if you have to refuse anything in life, refuse to give up..It is to you all that i owe the smiles that i had in xl, to you that i owe the pain that i will have when i would miss you after xl (till the time we meet) and to be frank, it is to YOU all that i owe my 'MBA' “ – Hrishikesh Kashyap

I must thank my dear friends a lot for your testimonial.  It really mean a lot to me for spending some time to write down few words for me. I enjoyed the 2 years at XL with every one of you. Thanks a lot for all your help and support.


  1. enada, mama complete aa bare paneethai..anyway good read on a sunday evening. Namma Krishnan with his one liners has proved his Synonm expertise in English.

  2. To add, Lenin ena epadi varara raan.. Una Tamizh padam hero, namma Gaptain Vijayakant aluvuku yetti-than :P

  3. It's great to see the wonderful things people have had to say about you. :) I hope you will remain a true friend despite the greatness you are set to achieve. :D


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