New place, bike and Shock


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So after a lot of thinking, I have moved out of Coimbatore now. I am settled now in a new place. Very hot compared to my home town. But getting used to it. So first thing I have bought is a bike. I used to travel to my engineering college (GCT) in Coimbatore by a Hercules Thriller. After four years I have bought my own bike – Shwinn Sporterra. It is a 21 gear set bike, just getting used to riding this.


Today I went for enrolling in a nearby swimming pool at Gachibowli Sports Complex. The pool is really awesome, that is what I would say for a 50m pool. But I was in for a rude shock seeing the crowd for enrolling in a swimming pool. The enrolment starts at 7 AM in front of the gate on every 5th of the month. But actually people come and stand in the queue the previous day night about 9.30 pm. There were people with pillows and bed sheets sleeping in the queue to get the 100 odd forms distributed every month.

I have never seen this much of crowd for a swimming pool. You can see that in the picture also. I think people in Hyderabad are more health conscious – if so the statistics should prove that.  I find many people into biking (like me :). There is a Hyderabad cycling club which organises regular cycling events.

I have already seen Lots of Telugu movies, and gulped enough of Biriyani. So far I have i have not travelled much in this place, I  just visited Ramoji Film city. I was travelling to Bangalore and Delhi for my work. Planning to explore the place further in the coming months.


  1. Maaapi... "swimming pool" took me those days in Mumbai.. Nostalgic :(

  2. Hey, good to hear that you moved to HYD.
    Enjoy hyd monsoon as well (in upcoming days)....hope to catch you there....

  3. Will be coming to Hyderabad in the term break. Hope to see you! :)


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