The next phase in life


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After 29 years, I will be entering a new phase in life. In the last 10 years, there had been so many changes in life, but I think this is going to be the biggest of them all ! It is only the last 10 years I see as a crucial period in my life, where I had exercised many choices and options that were in front of me consciously. Of course, not deliberate decisions, but making use of the best opportunities I had.

So coming to the change now, I got engaged couple of weeks back on 13th October, and would be getting married in another couple of months time. Unexpected turns , interesting outcomes in life as always. The story of meeting my significant other, let us call her SP ( It is just the Initials of her name), would be an interesting story in itself and never imagined such a journey. We both did not meet in person, even the families did not meet in person.   To clarify for those who do not understand why families meeting is important, this is a traditional Indian arranged marriages - You can read about it a lot by searching the internet, where families first decide before the couple decide to get marry.

So after having the initial few conversation over phone we both accepted to move forward with marriage. In retrospect, still I could not believe this was how it was planned and I am fine with this decision. I did have my own initial apprehensions,  and after multiple conversation with my friends and family and enough rationalization I did agree to myself. So couple of weeks back, SP and I met , hardly we spoke in our Initial conversation but agreed to get engaged. Probably we are getting to know each other well only now after getting engaged. In hindsight this looks like a right decision for me at this point. I will revisit this post after a few years and leave my thoughts as I progress in this journey. 

This is going to be exciting journey and looking forward to explore this next phase in life, with my significant other !


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