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I have been writing in this blog since 2006.That is when I left my home town where I grew up, to live on my own. The year I really started to earn money regularly . Though I did not really earn a lot of money, but it did teach me the importance and value of money. Probably my money blue print was forming more at this period of my life. I landed in Mumbai- and it was adventure to survive – searching for a house with torrential rain, no clue of the place and did not have some one to help, with broken Hindi speaking skill , survival instincts really kicked in me for the first time .

I started to write to improve my own thinking and writing skills. I have captured varied things in this blog as my thoughts over the last 9 years.You would see in the last 9 years I wrote on very different things. I wrote on Oracle when I was working on that, I wrote on English phrases when I was preparing for competitive exams, my experience in XLRI when I was really slogging to really cope up in the first year, even my own experiences when I was clueless on what to do next.

But After 9 years of moving from different places, professions and jobs there is always a question I had – are all these decisions I made were so well planned ? – the answer is a resounding no.  Life has been so unpredictable with many twists. So whenever I get the question on how deliberate have I designed my life – I have mostly rationalized the situations and decisions  post facto.

These introspections never stopped and coincidentally last week I was reading Prof.Sanjay Bakshi’s personal narration of his life, I landed on the below quote by Herb Simon in that article.

I have encountered many branches in the maze of life's path, where I have followed now the left fork, now the right. . . .In describing my life as mazelike, I do not mean that I have a large number of deliberate, wrenching decisions to go off in one direction or another. On the contrary, I have made very few. Obvious responses to opportunities and circumstances, rather than studied decisions, have put me on the particular roads I have followed  - Herb Simon

It cant be more relevant than this one. Most of the decisions I have made as well not so deliberate but obvious responses to opportunities and circumstances. So these reflections now made me more curious about life and looking forward to the next experience that is going to happen. Staying realistic and curious!! 

Enough philosophy for today,  and got to pack my bags for my India visit after 13 months. This is the longest I have stayed away from my country and excited to be there next week.


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