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If there had been one great social bookmarking tool I enjoyed using in the last five years it was delicious. The ease of use, knowing the popular bookmarks, easy plugins with Mozilla. Folksonomy or social tagging was a step ahead from the conventional browser based bookmarking. This helped us a lot to access our bookmarks anywhere wherever we need.
Few years back Yahoo acquired this and said it is going to improve this service further.
Now I get a ail from Yahoo today saying they sold of. This company so infamous for acquiring killing some big products, why could they not turnaround this product.  But since Yahoo had plans to pull the plug from delicious, I have already migrated to Google bookmarks which is the only closest thing which is as good as delicious but the missing features are social aspects. I do not know which are the famous links, networking etc. I will live with that anyway until AVOS does something for delicious.


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