Where is the Software Monopoly Shifting Now?


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Starting from search to indexing every individuals web history, Google is proliferating at an unimaginable rate. The software giant of the 90's is trying hard to maintain its monopoly with its live search to Silverlight. Is the giant's dominance has really fallen down as they have said its dead.

There are people who are really looking ahead and started to think about their career decisions. But this means the software monopoly is something happening always like they have mentioned from IBM , Microsoft took over and now is it not shifting towards the Google. Though there is a lot of hype on Web 2.0 bubble, still lot of successful start up are devoured by the mountain valley giant from photo sharing to video sharing startups. Many consider Google is one of the main reason behind the fall of Microsoft monopoly, but it looks like Google will be the monopoly for the next web based software development. Still the Monopoly will be there, every new startup will be struggle to exist or get sold to any one of the defunct Monopoly giants like IBM , AOL or the ruling giant like Microsoft or Google. This presentation by Seth Godin discuss the success strategy of Google, which made me think on the above lines.

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  1. People always go for the best.... As of now Google is best in Web search which is even impacting the market of stand alone tools by Microsoft....so dont worry we will a potential threat to these companies in the future !! in the form of MECTIANZ!!


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