Programming Commitment


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As a programmer, I feel every one who program must have their own commitment in job to the maximum. There are people like this not only as contractor but also as experience professionals who add up their experience profile always and update their technologies knowledge profile with whatever technology the project has instead of what they work on. They merely try to exist in the new assignment, by the time their Incompetency strips they are already on their way to be as senior tech lead or architect in any one of the numerous software startups.

After all this ending up as senior software architect like this in some big Servicing companies. Finally the developer's will be put in an impression that the architect has coded more than millions of lines. I did not stick to the point that all architects must sit and write programs, they must have some relevant knowledge on programming, which will really help them in giving better solution, and sure they can get efficient work from developers.

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  1. Thambi..... naama intha company la irunthu kittu ..... architect... programmer ippdi vaarthai ellam use pannakudathu........


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