Colonial Creek to Mazama


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North cascades national park’s Highway 20 is one of the challenging biking routes in Washington. This year I had the opportunity to ride twice. I went in May with High Performance cycling team and did an unsupported 100 mile /10K elevation ride. Later in July , just 2 days after RAMROD did a 72 mile / 7K elevation ride with Native planet cycling group. Usual route biking folks ride is from Colonial Creek campground before Lake diablo to Mazama store and back, which makes up a nice 100 mile out and back. The hardest part of the ride is the ride back from Mazama to Washington pass. It becomes hard because of 2 reasons
  • Its an 18 mile long hors categorie climb, which you are trying to climb after 50 miles in the ride and having completed a rainy pass climb in the beginning of the ride.
  • When you climb this section, it is usually noon and the temperature can be easily above 90F and even sometimes above 100F , and can be super windy.
I did this ride first in 2016, and cramped, suffered in the climb from Mazama , but had a better ride this year in May. I would say this is a beautiful and quite challenging bike route in Washington.

Here are some photos from the ride,  that cannot cover completely the beauty of the place. 
LIberty Bell Mountain Rainy Pass Lookout area
Lake Diablo
Highway 20, WA
Also Strava activity of the full 100 mile loop :


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