30 Years : Probably stepping into the next half


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I turn 30 today. That is quite a big milestone, if I see that number as just my age. But 30 years have gone by and not sure how much impact I had in people's life. The first 30 years went by in just figuring out ways to just make myself employable by spending about 20 years of the 30 in various schools. And the rest 10 years went in making some money to payback all the cost of education paid to those schools and build some positive net worth. Have I really made a positive impact in my everyone I have met so far in life? Of course not, but will tryy best in th next 30. Yeah, no expectation to go beyond another 30 :) there are so many to complete in my list of passionate dreams.

Beyond that list, I would want to continue my learning journey..where relearn the basics with even more clarity and become a learning machine. My passion for learning has not changed..

The woods are lovely dark and deep
Miles to go before I sleep..
And Miles to go before I sleep..

BTW this blog is also 10 years old and captures some of the moments in my life over the last decade.


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