Government Grant Scam in the name of Federal Grants Commission


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Today I received a call from some anonymous number (+1 676-788-7878). Below was the script the operator said

We are calling from US Government Federal Grants Commission. Congratulations you have been selected to receive a grant of 8000 USD.  Because you pay your income taxes on time and have not filed bankruptcy in the past, you have been awarded a free $8000 government grant! To get your grant, simply give us your checking account information, or by sharing a visa / master card , and we will direct-deposit the grant into your bank account!

This is enough to raise enough alarm, that this should be a scam. Why would the government just throw money for filing taxes properly? Let us be clear paying taxes is important to run the Government, and if any country government feels that their treasury is full and are running on fiscal surplus for many years, they would bring reforms in the tax slabs. But not just be giving grants like this. And if it is in the case of refund of any excess tax they would return the excess tax paid by the info you had submitted while filing taxes. Not by asking some operator with heavy accented English checking how to provide grants.

I did some search about this scams, and many have been scammed by these calls. There is enough posts about this, and there are people who were actually cheated by these. You can check these links, in consumerfraudreporting or here.

Ok when they asked my bank account details, I lost patience to even talk to them and waste my time. But in case you are someone who lost money by this scam by  way of processing fee you paid them or they robbed your bank account then looks like FTC has a complaints portal for filing a complaint. Here is the link to Federal Trade Commission reporting.

Beware before divulging any information on phone or by email about your identity, bank / credit information.


  1. I got a call from the Federal Grants Commission. But they gave me instructions to call a toll-free number which they gave me over the phone. Then when I called that phone number I was told to go to a Wal-Mart to pick up my $9,200 grant money. (??)

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