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Its been 7 months now in Seattle. Came here in the end of summer, followed by a yellow Fall, survived my first winter and just seeing the beautiful SpringWP_20140420_001. One has to live in Washington state to witness why this is an evergreen state. It is beautiful and green all round the year. I have just started bike in Seattle in the last three weeks after a 6 months wait. Already in love with this place again. I am reliving and riding the same trails I have been in 2010 when I lived here. This time the target is to complete STP 2014 in July. This is going to be tough 204 mile bike in one day, but up for the challenge.
With my new Fuji Altamira 3.0 cruising at 20-22 miles per hour is just an awesome feeling along the shorelines of lake Washington or  lake Sammamish. This photo was somewhere along the shoreline of west lake Sammamish way. More rides to come till July and will post some of the most beautiful routs. This is just a 25 mile route. But if you are looking for a longer route try the Sammamish and Preston fall city route. Check the route here
More to come and excited about the beautiful trails in the evergreen state.


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