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Crowdsourcing is getting more and more traction with the penetration of internet, as we have more and more people staying connected. There is now a plenty of ideas mushrooming focusing on this. I had already posted sometime back “How to make money money by doing small errands – Service Networking”. With services like Task Rabbit, Amazon’s Mechanical or M-Turk or click worker people can use their expertise to help other people across the world. With the same intention Google has also launched a new service called Helpout which leverages its hangout platform. I am not sure how Google is going to scale this, but the intent of the service is focusing on Google’s mantra of know everything in the world through Google services and platform. So in Helpout, you get real help from real people. They screen folks, before making them helpers in their Helpout platform.

This crowd sourcing is an area, slowly getting crowded, as big players like Amazon, Google getting into this space. There are many areas which could leverage this Crowdsourcing platform. More to come, as I research this area.


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