And the Results of Google 'App'titude Challenge


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Today I received a mail from Google Inc. It was really exhilarating to read each and every line.  The mail goes as mentioned below.
Hello everyone,
As you all are aware, Got The 'App'titude Challenge concluded on February 28, 2009. In the days that followed, we reviewed the accrued usage data and are now ready to announce the much anticipated winner.
Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur, have won the challenge by demonstrating the highest usage of Google Apps products. The XLRI team working on Google Apps implementation was led by Prof. Ashish Pani. The other members are “Hariharan R, Chintan Agarwal, Pal Singh and Srikanth Thunga”. The team showed great enthusiasm and managed to stay on top of the challenge from the beginning. They named this initiative XL CONNECT, ran a pilot and implemented Google Apps within a month from the day they secured approval from the college decision makers. They also conducted marketing campaigns to inspire students to find innovative ways to use Google Apps services. 
Alliance Business Academy - Bangalore, Birla Institute of Management Technology - Delhi, Jaypee Business School - Noida, Mudra Institute of Communications – Ahmedabad, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology- Aligarh Muslim University, and National Institute of Technology - Calicut are some of the other colleges which had very high Google Apps usage. These colleges now join the elite group of colleges including Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad and National Institute of Design - Ahmedabad that are using Google Apps extensively.
In addition, over 100 colleges in India participated & implemented Google Apps as part of this challenge. Our thanks to those teams also for taking the lead in improving communication & collaboration capabilities in their college.
Got The "App"titude Challenge
Main Site:
For me the best part in Winning this is the prize :). Below mentioned is the prize we will be getting.
  • A case study to be featured on our Google Apps website as well as a video testimonial featured on our Google Apps YouTube channel
  • A letter of recommendation from FMS and Google
  • An all expense paid trip for your team to visit one of our Google India offices
Update:  Our team at Google Gurgaon office, an all expense paid trip from XLRI. Chintan, Srikanth and I from our implementation team visited their office  

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  1. Congrats Hari and Team!! Had a hunch you guys could make it!

  2. Hey hari...
    congrats :-))

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  4. Hey Hari, congrats man! u made us proud!!! :)

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