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Nowadays when I am surfing, the usual Google banner ads which will have some un-known face is showing a familiar face. In the last two months, it was only one face and tri-color ( Its only one – Saffron:) is what that captures attention. It is Mr. L K Adavni’s prime minister campaign - for the Indian 15th Lok Sabha Elections.
I did some googling to find out the amount of money spent for the Advertising campaign – Its huge – Rs.250 Crore campaign. In this economic scenario this is really a huge amount for advertisement campaign.
He has followed Barack Obama’s style campaign by completely utilizing the web for the campaign. He has created a Website , Forum ,Blog, Orkut Community , You Tube Channel & Facebook page. A huge money has been poured into the Google Adwords and Banners adds campaign.This is probably the first time by an Indian politician. I am not giving any personal opinion on the party or the candidate here. But I am impressed on the party’s effort ( or any consultant who gave the idea) in using the power of internet for the elections.
That is a great move for me because of one reason, this should create an awareness to many Indian people about the power of Technology. This I see as just a precursor. Now every politician will be forced to follow and flood the world wide web. This will bring out money from deep-black-pockets of India which is in a way useful for online ads community beneficiaries like me who display online ads in our websites, 


  1. Pretty radical approach for a political party long entwined in its ideological idiosyncrasies! But unfortunately didn't bear fruit... NDA went on to suffer one of its worst defeats.... So was this a bad idea??? I think no! It was a brilliant idea but not supported well by strong basics... that of managing people expectations. These marketing strategies will bear fruit if the campaign was backed by a more people-specific approach similar that talked of stability during uncertain times... stability of power, polity and economy! Nice observation though!
    I am told there is a certain cap on how much a candidate or a party can spend for campaigning.... wonder if this overshooted that figure??!!

  2. apologize for the bad grammar.... must be the middle east!!


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