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I think the role of Teacher – Guru has a great influence in our interests. My interests did not vary a lot because of my personal interests. The Gurus who taught me and guided me were one of the major reasons in my passions. I observed that very recently in my introspection. I must say the first time hostel experience life gave me some leeway to introspect in-spite of the pressing schedule of XL.

Computers became my passion when I did a course on computer applications ( Basic Course : Windows 3.1, Fox Pro – All Stone age Era :P and Microsoft Office 97).I must really confess one thing my real interest in computer came out of me not the moment I started working with computer. It came due to proper facilitation by my life mentor Mr.Elango, who was the faculty of course. I am still passionate of technology and Computers – though I never prefer to spend too much in these because of my usual habit. This passion carried on from my Higher secondary school to my work seeing computers day in and out. To add to it, in-spite of my interest in computers I never owned a PC till I landed in XL. Still I managed to keep me abreast with the pace of technological change.

The same holds true for my interest in Training and Development. This interest was the primary reason why I landed in XL for my post graduation on Personnel Management. The 3 days training on Personality development by International Faculty Jc.Mahesh Bagawandas was a moment of enlightenment for me. I never imagined how a role of a trainer could be. The three days totally gave a new career path which I aspire now.

Before my first term in XL I never thought Economics was a very interesting subject to study. In my state it was a norm that only if you do not score well in SSLC exam people land up in economics group for their Higher Secondary education. Had I known about this subject earlier I would have opted for this was  my thought recently. The interest was due to the professor who taught micro-economics Mr.Sumit Sarkar. I struggled in the beginning to understand the subject, but the pressure gave by him by continuous quizzes and completely problematic approach really made me work hard. Eventually I started to like the subject a lot. This term I am studying Macro-Economics. In the initial two classes of macro-eco I could not understand the new professor’s style. But eventually now I have got a little grip of the subject, Hope my interest stays on and the professor too should facilitate a little to better my interest.

A good teacher according to me should not just impart education or knowledge. He/She should create an interest in the subject, show a student a path in his life to survive. He should make the student find out one’s strength and weakness. I am just reading a  book on leadership ( My interest area) and I find no difference in the influencing process of a leader and a Guru. For a student his guru should lead by example as a leader is to his followers.

My Thanks to all my Gurus!!!

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