Lively is bit lively But...May be for Children to Enjoy


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Today I had some time to look into the new Google labs innovation Lively. The idea looks the same old chat rooms of the past with a only new thing seems to be lot of efforts have been put in the look and feel. 
Lively, the efforts spent on the interface is good but as you can see the time consumption in loading is horrible as they are 3D models. The avatar concepts are not an innovation. So as such I expected quite very new from Google and they have also started to give some look and feel bloated applications usually done by Microsoft. I still love Gmail for its simplicity and for its elegance and minimalist approach. This lively I feel, at least for now is a waste of time for me. May be for kids its a big time entertainment. But one warning already there are so many Adult only rooms opened. So you need to keep watch if you children are into it. :)

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  1. I agree and think for many that Lively is a waste of time. So far, it is just another 3D chat and nothing more. Sure, you can share videos, pictures, and websites, with your avatar and other 3D objects. I think it may have a future in the way the web operates, but there are many other 3D chat competitors to do this as well. Lively's option to embed it in a website makes it stand out from it's competitors, but it may not stand out for long.


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