Tabula Rasa - Nature Vs Nurture


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I always like the famous Nature Vs Nurture argument. When people start with a topic like "Inborn Genius", "He has his talent in his blood". They will turn me off. Yes I never go with the concept that some qualities come by birth. I always say it comes based on the situations you undergo and those opportunities mould every individual. Tabula Rasa is one such thought which favors the Nurture side. But still I usually try attempting to strengthen my argument from my reading and analysis. Today I received a mail from my dear friend Pratheeba regarding this and I have posted below.
All babies look alike to certain extent. All are born alike but we are changing when we grow. What changes us? What make us look beautiful and ugly? What make us think positive and negative? There exists a force that changes how we want to be both, physically and mentally. Some call it Belief, some call it faith, some call it thinking, some call it a mystical power of subconscious mind, some call it thoughts, or we call it as GOD. But ultimately there exists a force that changes everything we want to be. We can name it anyway we want, but the result is same!
I got a thought to process in the above lines. All new lives which come to this world has only a soul inside some flesh and blood. On its birth, it is taken care by parents/grand parents. So the child's physic and face looks like the person who is taking care of the child for most of the time. Also its characters are getting formed and moulded like its environment and family members. So this means, nothing is inborn including beauty.All comes from the focus the child has. If the child constantly looking at his/her Mom who looks bright and beautiful the child also becomes the same way. If the child always looks at the clean and fresh place then it feels and become good and fresh.. the same happens what it wished.
The body gets formed inside womb from mere molecules and then the blood and muscles.Then the hands and legs. Mean time the soul is also selected and erased from all its previous life memories, then the soul is given to the body only when the body comes out of the womb. That is why the child is crying when it comes outside i think, because only that time the soul enters the new body. In many cases only body is grown inside the womb and the soul will not be given when it comes out, that time we are telling the child is born dead. Also, the soul get affected not by the direct words alone, but strongly by the thoughts. Any thoughts including ours and others can affect the soul, that is why i think when we make others feel bad, we are getting same thing back in some time as the other soul that got hurt wants us to hurt like that. If you get a bit further you can understand clearly, when you motivate someone or do some good to someone, you feel good. I think that is not because you are feeling good because you did good, but because they are feeling good and their thoughts towards you are good which makes you feel good!
Same happens in each and every aspects of life. If we sit and analyse we need ages to do that :) What an interesting psychology? See how easily we can change ourselves. This is how the system works ultimately! Very interesting topic. Lot more to explore .. but I think already I stressed you so much..
-Received via Mail from Pratheeba Subraminian
I am still in the process of strengthening the Nurture side and hope the readers will help me too .


  1. Wish you A Very happy Birthday Hari..

    Now that you have clear MBA ;-) (oops i missed ed) why don't you take out some time to write about your interesting experiences there

  2. Hariharan RagunathanJul 2, 2008, 3:47:00 AM

    May be Ill be posting my interesting experiences over here :) Is that fine for you Vivek..


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