Verbs for Modern Internet Verbosity - Retronyms


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With the advent of web 2.0 technology websites - social networking, tagging, blogging new verbs are introduced in English every day.Here a statement goes like
"I have a blog, this blog, which you probably found by googling me. I blogged about Orkut (which I'm on but don't use often). I don't IM, and I'm impossibly lax about friending people."
In the above statement :
1. Blogged-Wrote a post like this
2. Googling - Searching
3. IM - Instant Messenger /Chat
Have become the new Internet verbs you can use to show your too smart with Internet. That's why I have said its a way to be verbose about Internet. You need not ask some " Do you use Orkut ?" - Instead just ask -" Are you in orkut". Orkut is a place to be for social networking rather than a tool.
These things you can call as the adaptability of the English language to engulf new words as the world changes. The word commenting is now more prevalent as commentating because of Cricket. Same way technology pushes a lot of new words into the English language. Let us take some examples.
1. Digital Camera
2. Skimmed Milk
3. Digital Watch
In the above list one common thing that connects them all is called as "Retronyms". The advent of a digital camera forced us to create a new word in English called as Film Camera, the advent of Skimmed milk , digital watches forced us to introduce Whole milk and Analog watch into the English language. There are retronyms introduced every day into the ever growing English language. Now Internet is pushing its boundaries into the language with lot of new verbs. So we need to update ourselves with the new introductions every other day, like Podcast or cybersquatting. To keep track of the new introductions you can always refer the oxford university press' Word of the Month.


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