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"The moment a baby is born it cries, it could be because of three reasons. One , because of the pain which it suffered during the process of birth. The second reason could be because of hunger and third possible reason could be because of the change in surroundings from the mother's womb to this external world. An obstetrician understands which could be the reason for any child she helps in getting to this world. This instance signifies that We start Communicating the moment we are born. The same communication stops the moment we stand in front of a podium to address a gathering. That will be the pain of public speaking for beginners."
These were the opening lines made in our Officers Training Program at Mumbai Toastmasters by Mr.Deepak Justin. This training also had a session on Humour in speech. This day was a big day for leanrning. All I had to learn from this training was, The best public speech delivered ever in the history was after a diligent preparation. The speaker would have swallowed, chewed and digested the speech to beautifuly vomit in front of the audience. This process may look easy when I explain in this fashion but this is really an intimidating process which can decieve many people by imparting a phobia in them on public speaking.
The next important thing which I wanted to share was on humour. To add humour to our speech, it does not come that easily by reading the joke books and tieing in our speech.For humour we need to practice timing jokes which sticks exactly on the context which we speak and also directed towards the self which hurts none.
Overall this training gave me a deep insight on the organisation called Toastmasters International. Also It provided me an oppurtunity to attend the District Conference of India and Srilanka "Ovation 2008" at Banaglore in May 16,17,18 2008. Will post you the experience of Ovation once soon :)

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