After a Long Gap


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Work is to earn for our food...But Don't let the work eat you. Slogging for the past one month I was totally kept away from the blog. Today I made up my mind and decided to post before I leave. I wanted to start with a famous Quote of APJ,
"Dream is not what you see in Sleep.Dream is the thing which does not let you Sleep"
Setting priorities in life is very essential, else you will have to miss what you want in life. By the time you realize this you would have lost the Golden Hen. So Please be wary in setting priorities in life and act only by the priority. Don't Let the external forces influence your internal mind. The Mind Stamina will help you reach the Dream you have. Give Importance to your DREAM, after all its your Life and don't get carried away with the expectation of other.
Only one thing I would like to conclude,
                        "Live Your Dream"..
Will be back soon with fantastic brainstorming puzzles :)


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