Cleared my Level 1 Speech


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Today, I gave my Level1 speech Toastmasters. I started preparing for the speech 2 days before, I got it reviewed, I practiced the speech in home more than 20 times and even timed it every time. But today the session was at 3 PM, by 2 Pm I started feeling nervous. I felt a huge load on me, finally when the introduced me my heart beat was pacing like anything. I stood in front of the audience and had a deep breath once, that was the end of my nervousness.

I prepared for 5 1/2 minutes, but I spoke for 7 1/2 minutes. When I started to speak, there was a sudden gush of new thought which actually fitted in place, so I ended up in using the complete time allocated to me. You can download my initial version of the speech here.

My speech evaluator stressed on two points. He appreciated my confidence and voice modulation in the speech. For improvements , I was pacing a lot and I need to curtail my movements a little which distracts the listener.

I will improve in my next project Level 2, which deals with Organizing The Speech.


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